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Find the Perfect Ski Boots at Sport Obermoser in Wagrain

Do you want to have the most fun on the ski slopes? Our ski hire in Wagrain offers not only a great selection of equipment, but also perfectly fitting ski boots.

Do you want warm feet, a secure fit and good power transfer when you go skiing? It might sound simple and natural, but it’s not. Ill-fitting ski boots can quickly turn a great day on the slopes into a nightmare. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the weather, how amazing the snow conditions and how good your skis are – when your boots don’t fit, your whole day on the slopes suffers.

Thanks to our boot fitting service, you will get ski boots that are perfectly suited to your feet. How does it work? In three easy steps:

  1. Heat – the boots are heated to 117°C for five minutes.
  2. Memorise – next you put on the heated boot and wait two minutes until the material has expanded and memorises the shape of your foot.
  3. Cool – the shoe then cools for an additional five minutes to complete the perfect Memory Fit.

Your customised ski boot is ready in no time! The special thing about Atomic’s Memory Fit process is that the shell, cuff and liner all adapt to your foot, ensuring an anatomically-perfect fit for a long time.

Pinching, pressure, pain? Sport Obermoser in Wagrain has the solution.

In addition to Memory Fit from Atomic we also offer other options to make your ski boot perfect. Fischer’s Vacuum Zone Fit enables uncompromising adaptation of the shell to any foot shape – especially at the most critical points. Pressure points are localised and analysed. Then silicone pads are attached to the shell and partial adjustments are made to achieve the optimal fit.

We also have compression ski socks, gel pads, shin plasters, customised inserts and more! Visit our sporting goods store in Wagrain and let us show you all the possibilities. Contact us today:

Info Hotline: +43 (0) 6413 / 8237
e-mail: obermoser@sport2000.at