We Offer the Best Service for your Skis!

The pros at Sport Obermoser know what is good for you and your skis. Our modern MONTANA technology guarantees you will have the most fun skiing without compromising on safety.

Regular ski tune-ups are essential for your performance. Only in this way can you get the most out of your equipment while preserving its value. Generally, depending on snow conditions, skis should be tuned every four to five days to achieve the optimum turning capabilities with a full carving effect.

Simply bring your skis to us by 6.00 pm and we will take care of the rest. Come back at 8.00 am to fetch your skis and hit the slopes.

Professional ski maintenance and tune-up service at Sport 2000 in Wagrain
Our service facility is one of the most modern available. With MONTANA ski maintenance technology, you will get ski equipment that is fast, responsive, and has the ideal edge grip.

Our ski tuning and maintenance service involves three steps:

1. The surface is repaired by means of melting technology and precisely ground using state-of-the-art robot technology. The structure of the surface is adjusted to meet the latest slope conditions. Depending on the snow temperature, coarser or finer structures can be ground into the surface using computer-assisted technology.

2. In the next step, the side edges are gently ground at the optimum angle. With PRO technology, the grinding process is extremely precise and reflects the geometry of the ski. To achieve this, the grinding pressure on the base is regulated individually from both above and below by a highly precise pressure curve.

3. With radial tuning, the ski is finally ground at the tip and tail so that the edges hang more noticeably. With the angle optimally adapted to each individual ski, grip is considerably improved.

Simply bring your skis to Sport Obermoser and enjoy the best service Wagrain has to offer.

Heated ski depot at Flying Mozart gondola
What to do with your ski equipment after the last downhill turn? Deposit your skis and boots in aheated ski depot at the bottom station of the Flying Mozart gondola. The boots will dry overnightin the ski depot and you can step into warm boots the next day. That way, nothing stands betweenyou and a super day of skiing!

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