• Hias Obermoser, Sport Obermoser, seit1947
  • Marktwirt, Wagrain, Marktbrand 1927
  • Alte Skiwerkstatt, Sport Obermoser
  • Hias Obermoser, Staatl. gebr. Skilehrer
  • Anni Obermoser, Sport Obermoser Wagrain
  • Alte Skiwand, Sport Obermoser
  • Sport Obermoser in den 1970ern

Obermoser Sports Store and Ski Hire in Wagrain

The best service and great value for money since 1947

Over the past 70 years, we have always kept our finger on the pulse of the times in order to be able to provide our customers with the latest trends and innovations. We began with a small ski workshop located in today’s Haus Gruber. Today we offer a wide range of ultramodern winter sports gear that you can hire, test and buy as you like. Stretching across 500 m2>, our sports store has everything an athlete could ask for. Plus our ski hire in Wagrain features one of the best ski tuning and repair facilities available today.

Skis have always been our passion and so it was, back in the 1970s, that we expanded to our current size and began carrying leading brands such as Anba of Austria, Carlo Gruber, Atomic, Eisbär and many others. With the latest renovation in 2004, we redesigned and modernised our shop façade and part of our interior.

Obermoser ski hire & sporting goods store: longstanding tradition with a new look

Being old ski pros, we place great value on being able to offer customers the most up-to-date skis and comfortable ski boots. We are happy to assist you and take the time to put together the right equipment for you. You also have the option of an individual foot analysis so that we can tailor your ski boots exactly to your foot and style of skiing. Learn more here.

Our many years of experience in ski hire have also shown us the importance of good ski maintenance and tuning; not only for having fun and keeping your gear in good condition, but also for your safety. For this reason we offer the best and most modern services you can get today. Our facility uses cutting-edge technology to precisely grind, wax, structure and tune your skis. Find more information about our services here.

At the Obermoser sports shop and ski hire, we combine the most modern technology, current trends and traditional customer service concept that treats each skier as an individual. You will get ski equipment that suits you perfectly.

Visit us at the Obermoser sporting goods store in Wagrain or contact us:

Info Hotline: +43 (0) 6413 / 8237
e-mail: obermoser@sport2000.at